When bread surprises

“I judge a restaurant by its bread and its coffee”

This quote from the 1950s Hollywood actor Burt Lancaster refers to one of the great protagonists of the table, bread which, together with oil, is one of the oldest and most valuable foods in Italian cuisine.

Bread and oil, an ancient union, the soul of the peasant world but also capable of establishing itself in haute cuisine.

Behind the classic taste of bread and oil, history, culture, religions and traditions of the peoples facing the Mediterranean intertwine.

Two foods that the passage of time has not affected and whose sense of welcome and sacredness still makes them the absolute protagonists of the table.

When it comes to starred restaurants, the imagination runs towards elaborate preparations presented as works of art thanks to the skillful mastery of the great chefs.

If it is true that these kitchen artists are able to amaze with their creativity in combining new aromas and flavours, suspended between art, technique and served on plates with flair and genius, it is equally true that in haute cuisine, even the simplest elements must be carefully studied to make the customer experience exclusive.

Here then is that warm handmade bread, produced with classic and traditional methods and exclusively with selected flours, becomes the business card that welcomes the guest.

After all it is precisely the welcome and greeting that remain most impressed in an encounter and at the table you meet with taste, with the pleasure of savoring traditional dishes in a new gourmet guise, which stimulate the palate and sensations.

Thus, everything on the table contributes to making this meeting special and the bread represents the beginning of this journey.

Bread is the first food that is presented and served at the table, as a symbol of hospitality.

The care and attention paid to this element underlines the desire to show a level welcome, to make even the simplest food a distinctive trait as unique as the whole gastronomic experience that will follow.

But, to immediately win the customer’s attention, the importance of the product must necessarily be accompanied by that of an adequate presentation that enhances it, through the choice of table accessories with an original and innovative design.

Just like the Originis collection by Infinito Design.

Originis collection: table accessories for bread

‘Originis’, a term taken from Latin, identifies the Infinito Design table setting line designed by architect Franco Driusso, which is entirely dedicated to the most ancient and precious elements of Italian cuisine: bread and oil.

A combination of six elements made of Krion K-Life, which can be used together or even separately, featuring rigorous and elegant layouts that emphasize different flavours, shapes, consistencies and combinations.

“Originis was born from a need, from the analysis of new needs in the field of haute cuisine. A return to the origins: enhancing bread in all its forms and giving it a “mise en place” worthy of its fundamental and historical importance”.

These are the words of Franco Driusso who tell what vision inspired the birth of Originis.

“Complex Simplicity” best describes what the Originis collection stands for.

Simple for the whiteness of its optical white and for its clean and minimal lines.

Complex due to the style and originality of its new and innovative design that will not fail to amaze and surprise every customer.

And this is precisely the task of design research: making simple everyday objects special and unique, such as a set of dishes.

Therefore, a perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality for excellent professional design table accessories, designed for those who make cooking an art, giving space to beauty, amazement and innovation.

A rectangular body, with eight thin notches of alternating depths. This is the shape of the Portasfoglie, designed to enhance the texture and flavor of the bread sheet, thin piada and carasau bread.

Even breadsticks become an exclusive course with the design Portagrissini, designed to hold breadsticks of different sizes, enhancing their shape and guaranteeing, at the same time, maximum order and cleanliness on the table.

The design Portapane, perfectly square in shape, is ideal for serving the king of the table with elegance and refinement: sliced ​​bread, rolls, tigelle, rice wafers and small loaves. The perfect alternative to the classic bread plate.

Specially designed to serve rigorously handmade sliced ​​bread, Portafette, with four notches of different heights, allows you to create a fan and movement game, highlighting the shapes of the bread and emphasizing its originality and taste.

A drop on a slice of bread is enough to find yourself immersed in a world of flavor and ancient traditions: oil.

The Originis collection could not miss an element dedicated to this simple yet precious product of nature which, in starred restaurants, is carefully selected to enhance the taste of the dishes on offer.

The Originis design Portaolio allows you to present this excellence of the Belpaese, in a completely new and unprecedented key.

A flat rectangular shape and a central basin designed to enhance the color and scent of the oil, excites with its extreme essentiality which makes it a real design object that is the protagonist of the table.

Finally, Infinito Design has also thought about how to present the sauces that accompany crackers, wafers and various dishes.

An artistic design Portasalse in which the rectangular shape houses three small circular tanks designed to contain and enhance the colors of the sauces like a painter’s palette.

Krion plates and the Origins collection: perfection at the table

An impeccable mise en place is what is expected of the best restaurants.

Impeccable, according to the most current trends in food design, it is the furthest you can imagine from pomp and excess of detail.

It is rather synonymous with minimalism, class and elegance. These are the characteristics of luxury and exclusive dishes.

The best dishes for restaurants must represent the right scenography that gives space and adds emphasis to the main actor: the food.

This is the spirit of the Originis collection as well as all the collections of design plates made by Infinito Design in Krion K-Life.

It is not the excess that amazes as much as the purity of the white and the shapes that surprise with their elegant geometries, the absence of pores, the pleasantness to the touch.

Aesthetic characteristics that are added to the functional ones of a plate resistant to shocks, temperatures and naturally antibacterial thanks to the material with which it is made.

Like, for example, the Aura collection which takes its name from the concept of sacredness of food, understood as a real work of art, meticulously placed on the plate by the great Chefs.

Amaze, surprise and excite, creating an unprecedented and unforgettable sensory experience.

Objective that finds its maximum expression in the FoodBox collection by Infinito Design.

A line of four square-shaped design plates, reminiscent of caskets, each equipped with a precious lid that first hides and then enhances the colours, smells and flavors of the food.

The sensation it evokes in the guest is that of the emotion experienced when receiving a gift: surprise, discovery, wonder, amazement.

Personalized plates to leave your mark

All the Infinito Design collections are made in Krion K-Life, a material that offers infinite customization possibilities.

Here then is that the restaurant logo finely engraved on the plates, on the bread bin, on the oil pan and on the sauce holder becomes a further element of recognition to be remembered and make the customer experience unforgettable.

As well as the initials or the name of the boat imprinted on the table accessories for yachts will make the experience on board the guests even more exclusive.

The ability to create a unique experience and attention and attention to detail are fundamental elements to increase the brand reputation.

In a world where everything tends towards homogenization, standing out allows you to bring your target closer and retain your brand.

Alongside the high quality of the proposed culinary offer, the choice of furnishings, accessories and the right lighting, an essential component that absolutely cannot be overlooked is the mise en place, which must be in line with the overall mood of the environment and with the atmosphere you want to give.

All the elements of the Originis collection are the perfect idea to make the table exclusive even when presenting simple foods such as a bread stick or a slice of bread which, with the right accessories, gain the role of protagonists.

In the same way, a made in Italy dish service, whose shapes and details have been designed to respond to the most current trends in the field of plating, become the perfect canvas on which the great masters of haute cuisine can paint their masterpieces.

Great aesthetic value but also order and precision cannot be missing on a table that wants to stand out in terms of class and refinement through the best design table accessories.

Infinito Design. For a table that excites.

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