Design Cristina Zanni

The essence of the shape of a plate.

“While the square is linked to man and his constructions, in architecture, harmonic structures, writing, etc., the circle has divine relations. A circle represented, and still represents, eternity as it has neither a beginning nor an end.”

Bruno Munari

Krion K-Life Solid Surface

An innovative and versatile material, ideal for creating authentic design items, like Infinito Design products. Practicality and style become one with the gastronomic world.

  • No pores
  • Antibacterial
  • Resistance and durability
  • Maintains plate and food temperature
  • Ecological material, 100% recyclable​
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance (dishwasher proof)
  • Air purification
  • Antibacterial power
  • Elimination of chemical products
  • Can be personalized

Technical characteristics

Thanks to the technical characteristics of Krion K-Life Solid Surface, Loona Satellite is an excellent professional instrument designed for those who love to surprise with their culinary art.

Cristina Zanni
130 mm
White Krion K-Life Solid Surface

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