Design Cristina Zanni

New expressions in cuisine.
Designed for each individual table-companion, TeGusto is especially designed for You.

Its elegant and essential style is suitable at any time of day for sweet and savoury dishes, various food combinations, side dishes and infinite free interpretation and imagination.

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Krion K-Life Solid Surface

An innovative and versatile material, ideal for creating authentic design items, like Infinito Design products. Practicality and style become one with the gastronomic world.

  • Conservazione della temperatura del piatto e del cibo
  • No pores
  • Antibacterial
  • Resistance and durability
  • Maintains plate and food temperature
  • Ecological material, 100% recyclable​​
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance (dishwasher proof)
  • Air purification
  • Antibacterial power
  • Elimination of chemical products
  • Can be personalized

Technical characteristics

Thanks to the technical properties of the materials used, TeGusto L is a first-rate professional instrument, designed for those who make room for beauty, amazement and innovation in their culinary art.

Cristina Zanni

White Krion K-Life Solid Surface base
cm 45x11x1
Slate cm 10×10

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