Krion: the characteristics of a unique material

Infinito Design chooses the versatility of KRION® for its creations not only because it contains all the ideal characteristics for those who make an art of cooking, but also for the perfect synthesis of design, innovation and attention to detail.

Now let’s take a closer look at the characteristics of this innovative material, discovering why it represents the best solution for framing the creations of the best chefs, in which the balance between design and material is fundamental.


KRION® is presented as a new generation solid surface, it is warm to the touch and reminiscent of natural stone.
Particular attention should be paid to its composition, the real secret of the super properties of this material: with two thirds of natural minerals and a small percentage of high-strength resins, KRION® is a material free from pores, resistant and durable. Furthermore, the absence of additives gives this material natural antibacterial properties.

KRION® is also environmentally friendly, as it can be 100% recycled. Indeed, at the end of its use cycle, each KRION® product can be worked on again, returning to the production cycle.

Features and use

What are its features?

Antibacterial: KRION® is antibacterial and its chemical composition does not allow the proliferation or growth of fungi and bacteria on the surface.
As previously mentioned, this characteristic is absolutely natural and the addition of additives is not required to maintain its properties. In fact, thanks to Krion® Eco-Active technology, bacteria are eliminated as soon as they come into contact with the surface of the material.

Resistant: workings in KRION® can withstand very demanding conditions, such as exposure to steam, frozen or boiling water and marine environments.

In addition to this, its fire resistance is also particularly high, which makes KRION® a fireproof material also according to the European standard UNE-EN 13501.

Lastly, its composition also makes it particularly resistant to shocks, so much so that KRION® has the highest capacity to absorb the energy released in shocks without consequent breakage.

Optical white: KRION® is also highly resistant to UV rays, which is why, unlike other materials, its white maintains an always intense color over time, reaching a level of whiteness of 99.8%, the absolute highest among solid surfaces.

Ease of cleaning: its whiteness, however, does not compromise its practicality. In fact, KRION® remains a low-maintenance material and in the event of a common stain or slight burn, just follow a few simple steps to restore its original whiteness.

Versatile: KRION® adapts perfectly to any type of preparation in the kitchen, especially when they are long and particularly complex, because the material keeps the dish at a constant temperature for 10 minutes.
For this reason, in compliance with all current regulations in the food sector, it is used to present the most refined culinary creations of the most exclusive chefs.

Infinito Design and KRION®

The introduction of KRION® in the catering world reflects the philosophy of Infinito Design which, by being the first to use this material outside the traditional industries, confirms that it has a particular eye on technological evolutions, approaching the innovations brought by great chefs.

Experimentation and the desire to amaze the customer is a characteristic that unites Infinito Design with the most innovative chefs on the international scene, who make research and continuous study their lifestyle.

The importation into haute cuisine of a material so appreciated by very different industries represents the continuous desire for innovation of a reality like that of Infinito Design which, while remaining faithful to a Made in Italy artisan tradition, confirms a Mission which sees the new needs of customers at the center of each future creation.

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