Infinito Design is a top-quality Italian company that produces solutions for table settings with plate collections in exclusive and personalized designs. With essential and refined geometries and innovative materials that express a modern and elegant style, Infinito Design creations are devised for professionals from the Ho.Re.Ca. (Hotels, Restaurants, Catering) sector, the very best of Food & Beverage, high quality kitchen and furniture producers, companies involved in the nautical business and all those who want to enhance and exalt their own gastronomic proposals through design and attention to detail.

“Infinito Design is a style”

The shapes and name of Infinito Design collections interpret the company’s constant search for innovative solutions and unexplored territory to create items that blend harmoniously with every kind of environment and space, giving the table soul and personality. Passion, intuition, creativity, skill and attention to detail are the guidelines and fundamental elements of Infinito Design’s philosophy as it acts as the mouthpiece for an exclusive Italian language that, while founded on tradition, always has one eye on the future.

“Choosing a brand is choosing a «system of values» in which the brand believes”

Infinito Design speaks of the traditional craftsmanship of its own territory in a modern and original key, interpreting the thirty-year history of Ciesse, a long-established company in the Marche region specialized in working solid wood, with a new language. Experience, skill, innovation and constant research have always been the distinguishing features of Ciesse manufacturing, the result of the most prestigious Made in Italy. Since 2014, all Infinito Design products and collections have been rigorously designed and made directly by Ciesse at its historical premises in Calstelvecchio di Monte Porzio, in order to guarantee the utmost precision during the design, production and processing stages.

“Our history has made us what we are. A history made of tradition, skill, innovation and Made in Italy. A history that transforms, evolves and brings our table collections to life. My passion for food and design provided the inspiration to embark on this new adventure.”

Laura Carboni – Founder and CEO of Infinito Design

The table that evokes emotions

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