Enhance brand identity with personalized design dishes.

Exclusivity, elegance and the ability to offer a unique and distinguishable experience are the most important elements in top-class dining or luxury boating contexts.
Nothing has left by chance and even the smallest details make the difference.

Whether it is the most demanding restaurant customers or guests of a luxury yacht, the key word is always exclusivity with furniture, lighting and decorative elements

The latter are also meant custom accessories for the table, innovative in materials and shapes, able to express the refinement of choice, the unique personality of the person who carried it out and who marry perfectly with the atmosphere and the overall concept of the environment as a whole.

This is how personalized design dishes or a cutting board that wears a new and exclusive personality become the added value that will imprint on the memory of the customer the identity and uniqueness of the brand

Making your brand live, reproducing it in the dishes on which the food is presented, will create a union between the sensory experience lived and the values of the company that made it possible.

Enhance and embellish the creations of the Chefs and the excellence of Food & Beverage. Excite and surprise guests as they taste good food.

This is the mission of Infinito Design.

The collaboration with internationally renowned designers for the study of its lines of dishes, allow Infinito Design to always be at the forefront in offering innovative solutions that allow the creativity of the Chefs to give free expression to their creativity.

Past and present, research and innovation, skill and enthusiasm: these are the ingredients of Infinito Design for its collections designed for refined, exclusive and, above all, personalized mise en place.

Why is it important to choose personalized design dishes?

Each restaurant has its own identity with precise characteristics and unique traits, which are enclosed in a logo or brand, within which the values ​​and characteristics that distinguish it coexist.
Personalizing a product or service means bringing your brand to life, creating a union between the sensory experience and the values ​​of the company that creates it.

This is why Infinito Design has always offered the unique possibility of bringing your company logo to life on products in its range, both in solid wood and in Krion K-Life, giving life to exclusive and customized products in different materials according to specific requests.

Strengthen the brand identity

A company’s brand identity determines the perception and reputation of a brand by its audience and for this reason it is essential that it is solid and clear.

In an era in which the consumer has infinite choices, and everything appears highly standardized, being able to offer one’s customers a unique experience is what makes the difference.

In the catering sector, if it is true that the undisputed protagonist is the food prepared with skill and mastery by the great Chefs in a sublime encounter between art and science, the utmost care and attention must also be paid to everything that revolves around and contributes decisively to imprint an experience that becomes multi-sensory in the customer’s memory.

Here then is that the comfort and atmosphere that the environment as a whole is able to offer plays a leading role.

Just as a mise en place with an innovative design becomes an element capable of strengthening the brand identity.

Starting from the personalized design table plates engraved with the restaurant logo capable of enhancing the flavour, colors and freshness of the food and guiding the customer on an unforgettable journey, increasing their loyalty and involvement with the brand.

The brand’s ability to provide the consumer with an intense and constant brand experience will stimulate the customer to share the positive feelings deriving from the brand online and offline, acting as a catalyst for its identification.

Custom design plates for catering

In haute cuisine, food and everything that gravitates around it are increasingly the subject of careful and accurate planning, so much so that it has given rise to a real discipline: food design.

In this context, the figure of the food designer deals with studying the shape of the dish so that it knows how to enhance the shapes, colors of the food and the creations of the Chefs.

Hence the constant search for functional and innovative materials becomes fundamental to guarantee the maximum exaltation of the dishes.

Like Krion K-Life Solid Surface, a latest generation material that Infinito Design was the first to apply to the restaurant sector for the creation of its collections of designer plates.

A solid surface that recalls natural stone and whose aesthetic and functional properties prove to be the perfect choice for food design.

Resistant, naturally antibacterial, with an optical white that cannot be replicated by any other material, 100% recyclable and able to keep the temperature of the dishes constant for ten minutes.

These are just some of the characteristics that make Krion a unique material.

Just as unique are the shapes of the dishes to which it can give rise.

Personalized plates with clean and minimal decorations, as required by the most current trends in the field of gourmet cuisine, but infinitely customizable with any type of geometry: curves, angles, arches and anything else you can imagine.

To give life to design table accessories that surprise for the innovativeness and refinement of the shapes without being intrusive, capable of emphasizing and enhancing the creativity of the great artists of the kitchen.

It can also be customized by engraving the restaurant logo which, with discretion and elegance, will represent an indelible signature in the customer’s culinary experience.

Luxury dishes for yachts

Luxury, elegance, maximum comfort and functionality are fundamental requirements when it comes to luxury boats.

Infinito Design, always attentive to the trends of the nautical sector, in the creation of its collections, pays close attention to satisfying the needs of this particular and demanding niche of customers.

Where the exclusivity and uniqueness of the environment, combined with the characteristics of the half boat, require particular attention in the choice of the best design table accessories, such as an unconventional dinner service, elegant and functional at the same time.

The customized design plates, with the logo, name or initials, in Krion K-Life Solid Surface, perfectly meet the high expectations of shipowners.

The high performance of the material in terms of resistance to shocks and temperatures, necessary in a constantly moving environment, does not however overlook the refinement and uniqueness that the context requires, comparable in all respects to those of starred restaurants.

In this way, the Chef of the yacht will be able to unleash all his skills in the art of plating to surprise the owner and his guests and make their experience even more evocative and unforgettable.

With the added value of using an ecological material in compliance with the principle of eco-sustainability that is deeply felt in the nautical sector.

A unique customer experience with personalized design dishes

The uniqueness of an experience that goes far beyond simple eating and where sight, like taste and smell, must find its maximum satisfaction.

Here then is that plating becomes an art and the dish its perfect frame that tells the story of the brand and its personality.

Through the use of innovative materials such as Krion K-Life Solid Surface or traditional materials such as wood, but reinterpreted according to the most current design.

Whether it’s haute cuisine or the kitchen of a luxurious yacht, the attention to detail, such as the choice of shapes, essential without ever being predictable, is a detail capable of making the difference.

The customer experience is thus made unforgettable, building an emotional bond with a customer who wants to be amazed with refinement and without ostentation.

Who feels pampered and flattered by the attention with which he is taken care of through dishes where the exaltation of taste is accompanied by the aesthetic one.

Where the culinary experience reaches the eyes even before the mouth.

With custom designer flat sets that bear a name. Like that of a painter on his canvas.

The table that evokes emotions

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