Dishes for restaurants as a frame for a work of art

In haute cuisine, a plate is much more than a container for dishes.

For great Chefs, the dish becomes an integral part of a work of art, the perfect frame which, with elegance and discretion, manages to highlight their elaborate culinary preparations, the colors and the freshness of the ingredients.

Eating well is a multisensory experience that involves sight even before smell and, finally, taste.

Haute cuisine wants to amaze, surprise the most demanding customer by accompanying him on an unforgettable journey.

Here then is that the concept of food design becomes an essential element for the most avant-garde chefs in the field of plating, and the choice of table accessories, with innovative designs, becomes a fundamental component for obtaining a memorable culinary experience.

The gastronomic experience starts right from the observation of the composition of the dish as a whole which must be able to capture the attention, intrigue, invite and make the most of each ingredient by creating a perfect and balanced composition.

Surprise your customers with designer table accessories

Infinito Design brings to the table an exclusive design that interprets the contemporary culture of the mise en place of restaurants that want to stand out, through collections of dishes with unique and essential shapes and geometries, which tell a modern style and artisan excellence.

The task of design is to transform everyday objects into forms of furniture and art that combine practicality with elegance and beauty. It is the set of elements, balances and details that transform a simple object into a design element capable of surprising.

This is the goal of the Infinito Design dishes: to amaze with the particularity of the shapes which, like caskets, keep the secrets of haute cuisine.

Design dishes for an original and unique mise en place

An essential design dish with thin, clean lines is the current trend in food design. A project, the latter, in which science, technology, aesthetics and food play an essential and equal role.

A design mise en place, where tradition meets and marries perfectly with innovation, where the plate doesn’t just contain the food but enhances it, in shapes and colors, making each customer’s experience unique.

Personalized plates and cutting boards to make you remember

Taking care of your customers, offering them a unique and unrepeatable experience has a strong impact on their cognitive perceptions.

The ability of a brand to arouse positive sensations and emotions, making itself remembered through attention to detail, will strengthen the brand identity in the consumer, making it clear and distinguishable from anyone else’s.

The logo is one of the fundamental components of the brand identity, it is one of the ways in which the company presents itself to the consumer, it is the most recognizable part of the brand.

The logo humanizes the brand so that people can easily identify and remember it.

Here then is that a set of dishes made in Italy engraved with the restaurant logo will help create a unique experience thanks to an exclusive product and customized able to express the style and character of the restaurant.

In the same way customizing the chopping board, which will accompany cold cuts, croutons and cheeses with an excellent vintage wine, adds great value to the cellar or at the restaurant.

The personalization of the chopping board, increasingly the protagonist of even the most exclusive tables, for Infinito Design is an innovative style choice capable of enhancing the flavors of tradition.

The great protagonist together with Krion is wood, a natural material par excellence and very trendy, whose defects, such as knots and veins, become strengths, enhanced by irregular and imprecise varnishing.

A simple chopping board thus becomes an innovative design table accessory, ideal for the moment of the aperitif or for an appetizer in an exclusive location.

The warmth and shades of wood become the frame of a gastronomic story pushed between ancient and modern, between past and future, in full respect of environment and nature.

Tradition meets innovation with the unexpected chopping board, the one in which wood tradition meets the innovative nature of Krion K-Life Solid Surface, giving life to a gourmet chopping board suitable for every moment of the day. day, perfect for both sweet and savory pairings and to leave everyone free to choose their own gustatory path.

Presenting the culinary preparations on a personalized plate, or the typical DOP products on a cutting board bearing the name of the restaurant, will increase brand recognition and help to impress it on the customer’s mind.

Design table accessories in Krion K-Life Solid Surface: innovation and functionality

With Infinito Design art and innovation merge to create new styles designed to enhance, with a modern and elegant touch, the creations of Chefs and professionals in the Ho.Re.Ca. sector.

Innovative and versatile materials such as Krion K-Life Solid Surface which Infinito Design, always attentive to new trends, was the first to apply to the catering sector .

An extremely versatile and ductile material that allows you to give shape to highly customizable elements, according to the different needs of the customer with curves, angles, arches and anything else imaginable.

Aesthetics and design are combined with functionality. The Krion design table accessories are characterized by:

  • The extreme resistance to shocks and temperatures
  • A level of candor that stands the test of time
  • Ease of cleaning
  • The antibacterial power
  • The ability to keep the temperature of the food constant for ten minutes.

Not only, therefore, dishes with a certain aesthetic impact but also endowed with that practicality of use indispensable within that creative and frenetic laboratory that a kitchen of a high-end restaurant level represents, where every single course must pass the careful scrutiny of the Chef before being released and where no mistakes in terms of flavor or style are allowed.

Luxury dishes to enhance every course

Haute cuisine leaves nothing to chance.

The choice of design table accessories comes from careful planning in the composition of the dishes by the Chef and from the final visual impact he wants to obtain.

The minimal style reflects the most current trends in the field of plating, for this reason the ideal dish has thin and clean lines. What is surprising is the innovativeness of the shapes and materials.

Precisely as regards the shape of the dishes, the round one is ideal for soups and risottos because it allows you to place the Chef’s creation at the center without adding too many ornaments to the outside of the dish.

The squared shape, on the other hand, whether rectangular or square, leaves the artists of the kitchen with maximum freedom of expression, allowing the creation of visual connections between the different dishes through its diagonal lines.

A few details are enough to make the difference. So an innovatively designed bread slice holder, an original breadstick holder or an unexpected sauce holder will make the table exclusive and refined.

The surprise effect will be guaranteed with the foodboxes, real caskets with lids, created and conceived by the designers of Infinito Design to present food like a real jewel.

A captivating white

Just like in art, white is the color that great kitchen professionals prefer to present their culinary preparations, like a canvas on which paint.

The white design table accessories win over the customer with their sobriety, for their extraordinary ability to enchant by enhancing what is on top to the max been delicately and meticulously stored.

The colors light up, the freshness of the ingredients and every single detail of the food are amplified and the dish comes to life, conquering the customer from the first moment.

This is why Infinito Design has chosen Krion for the creation of its collections, because its perfect optical white becomes more and more intense over time up to 99.8%, the highest absolute among all solid surfaces.

Design table accessories such as tailored suits

Just as a tailored suit enhances the figure and beauty of the wearer, in the same way the right design table accessories enrich the table with discretion, without invading it , creating a harmonious and exclusive atmosphere and environment.

Food and its flavors remain the real protagonists of the scene wrapped in a white candor that conquers and excites and by the warmth and color of the wood that warms and envelops in its perfect balance between tradition and innovation.

An amazement that arises from the simplicity of materials and shapes that manage to communicate an identity in an elegant and unique style.

“Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance”. (Coco Chanel)

The table that evokes emotions

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