Infinito Design pays great attention and care in selecting the raw materials used for its products, always giving priority to respect for the environment and recycling.

The materials used to make Infinito Design plates are a perfect union between classic and modern: the wood blends and becomes one with cutting edge materials like Krion K-Life Solid Surface, a composite, food-contact certified resin of extremely high functional and aesthetic performance that is used widely in the manufacturing of flat and curved surfaces. The food-contact resin guarantees maximum hygiene as demonstrated by the tests to which it is subject and the certifications it has acquired.


Infinito Design chooses the Krion K-Life Solid Surface acrylic stone, used for the first time in the catering sector, an ecological material with extraordinary technical and aesthetic properties made up of two thirds of natural minerals (ATH: aluminum trihydrate) and a small percentage of high strength resins.

Thanks to its innovative composition, Krion Solid Surface allows you to always keep the temperature of the dish and therefore of the food served constant, thus becoming a material particularly suitable for the world of catering and hotels. Krion K-Life is an innovative and exclusive material worldwide, in harmony with nature, durable over time and equipped with international certificates that guarantee its efficacy and food suitability.

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The quality of Infinito Design products is guaranteed by the continuous search for innovative and design solutions, which are an expression of Made in Italy excellence. Constant updating and continuous innovation of manufacturing processes are the basis of the ability to respond promptly to new style and quality requirements.

Infinito Design speaks of an Italian product, studied, designed and manufactured in the province of Pesaro Urbino, in Castelvecchio di Monte Porzio, where every creation is born and comes to life. From the idea that arises to the entire production phase, each creation of the Infinito Design line tells of this territory.

Made in Italy for Infinito Design is not a brand or a label, but a guarantee of quality. It’s responsibility. It’s identity. It is a journey to discover the truest Italian spirit.

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